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What Whitewater Rafting Has Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

A big hello!

If you missed it, the past three weeks I’ve been rafting and camping in the Grand Canyon, which has meant a total disconnect from technology and dropping into River Life (read: plenty of good company, good food, good beer, good scenery, and great rapids!). If you emailed or called while I was gone, thanks for your patience!

Reflecting on some of the biggest lessons I learned in the Canyon, there are a surprising number of similarities to being an entrepreneur. Here are a few of the reminders I’m taking with me as I jump back into life off the river:

Little side hikes can be the most unforgettable. Some of the most special places in the Grand Canyon are hikes up side canyons which are always full of delightful surprises. Will you find yourself in a slot canyon? Or surrounded by spring frog singing? Or stopped in your tracks by an unexpected waterfall around the next bend? Going the extra mile and wandering off the main river corridor can mean a new discovery you won’t forget!

Approaching each day with expedition mentality/generosity. This is huge. Often the biggest challenges on the river aren’t the rapids, or pushing through a headwind…but learning to live with 15 other people for three weeks. When everyone does their best to work hard, contribute, and put the group first, success is pretty much guaranteed.

The power of presence. The gift of being completely surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, the music of the water and birds, and the steady dip of oars in the water allow one’s mind to open and heart to soften. Without the distractions of notifications or, for that matter, calendars, it’s easy to let the conversation drift, get engrossed in a story, or simply sit and be. This is one of my favorite ways to reset, refresh, and honor the people around me.

You can’t fight the might of the river. This was my first Grand trip rowing my own raft down the river, which meant navigating the rapids! When there’s an obstacle in a rapid and the force of the river is pushing toward it, the way to avoid it isn’t by trying to overpower the water, but by reading it and lining up where you want to go.

…And, at the same time, knowing and honoring your own strength. When the going gets tough, tapping into the reserves and pushing on. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, like when you are in charge of a boat and there are 30 mph gusts of wind buffeting you head-on all day. But you know you have it in you whenever you need it most.


Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.


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Where in the World is ConverSketch?

In the Studio: Getting back into the swing of life off the river and catching up with all of you. I’ll be traveling to graphic facilitate and graphic record off-site meetings next week, but if you want to get together for coffee and river stories, let’s get together!



Here's Why I've Been So Quiet Lately

With a warm heart…hello!

July and August have been packed with adventures spanning opposite ends of the spectrum… Starting and ending with two incredibly detailed explainer videos to be prepped and filmed in half the time it normally takes. I’m super stoked to share these videos because I experimented with new techniques and styles. They are scheduled to come out early in September, and you all will be the first to know when they are fresh and viewable!

In the midst of the video-making came a trip to attend the annual IFVP conference (aka the gathering of My People).  In my next newsletter I’ll be sharing my top insights from the meeting of the thought leaders and innovators I was lucky enough to draw, learn, and laugh with for three days.

After returning with a full mind and heart and nailing the second explainer video, gears shifted entirely when we packed up and trucked off to Idaho to raft the Middle-Main Salmon River for 11 days. Yep, that meant no cell service. No internet. We didn’t even have a satellite phone. Just the music of the river, the canyon wrens, our friends’ guitar and fiddle, someone calling “fish on!” and a few hot springs bubbling up along the way. Seriously.

It always amazes me how easy it is to fall back into the rhythms of our most basic needs: food, shelter, staying safe. And, more deeply, the need to connect genuinely with the earth, with ourselves, and with those around us. While it may feel counterintuitive or stressful to completely unplug, especially as a business owner, each of us that DO can immediately feel the power of giving ourselves this time to be present, disconnect and make room for some white space. That time to let ideas mull in the background and bubble up to the top of your very own mental hot spring can give rise to some of our most important and powerful ideas.

I always bring my paints on river trips and this time I was more intentional about making time to draw. Trust me, between rowing, unpacking the boat and happy hour, it takes discipline to get the paints out! Here are a couple of my favorite plein air sketches for you to get a sneak peek this week before I go posting them on Instagram. If you haven’t already, follow me there @ConverSketch for more behind-the-scenes graphic recording and watercolor shenanigans.

Adieu for now. It’s good to be back.

Click on the images below to see the larger versions on the blog.

I'm on a boat! Here I am in my plein air river studio -- the 12 foot raft I got to row down the Middle-Main Salmon. Lots of gratitude to my amazing husband for outfitting me with the sexy boat + setup for this trip!

A post-trip shot of a two page spread of our camp where Indian Creek (on the right) joins the Middle Fork of the Salmon (on the left).

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Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.

Cheers, Karina

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Hey! It's Time to Recognize!

Sometimes the world takes you by surprise.

Sometimes you think doing something you enjoy is just a hobby, and you like what you’re doing. But surely no one else would pay for it. (More on this little mind quirk coming in June).

There are moments in life when, if we are paying attention, we take a step back and recognize a pattern that keeps emerging. These patterns can be obvious or subtle. Either way, they can be difficult to recognize unless we are open to seeing them.

Heady, Karina. Give me something concrete here. Okay....

I have always loved art, and in fact picked up my first watercolor brush for a botanical study when I was about 7. Art classes were my favorite in school, and I even pursued an art major at CSU for a few semesters before dropping it for environmental communication.

You might be thinking, Right, but you’re an artist.

Too right! But until very recently -- we’re talking 2015 here -- I had this bizarre aversion to considering myself an artist.


I didn’t want to be a “starving artist” or to get stressed out about something I enjoyed doing if it was my career. And deep down, I didn’t think I could really be talented enough to sell my work as Fine Art. Sure, I had a knack for graphic recording, but that wasn’t Art, it was real-time-visual-distillation-and-synthesis-with-doodles that became my full-time job. Sure, people enjoyed little cards I made them and kept them on their fridges for a while (looking at you, Mike & Shayna). But that was just fun, something I did to keep myself on my toes and show my friends and family I care about them.

I am making a living creating graphic recording charts, which is still amazing to me, and when I shared a few little watercolor paintings I was playing with online, the resounding enthusiasm from viewers (like you) blew me away. To most people, this would be considered being an artist.

And now, finally after many months, years even, I’m opening up and allowing myself to think of me as an Artist. It’s been hugely fun, satisfying and I get to share my light, what I love doing, with others.

Cool, Karina. But what am I supposed to do here? Aren’t you just lucky you get to frolic with a kitten and do art?

There’s an element of luck here, for sure. Being born into a society where I can expect a solid education, and where I have rights and opportunities is really lucky. I also work hard. And I know what I’m doing is making a positive difference in peoples’ lives around me, which motivates that hard work.

So, what can YOU do? Probably a whole heck of a lot of things, and I’d most likely benefit from learning from you. But what I can offer at this wee point in time is this wee thought:

Take a moment to step back. Are there patterns you haven’t let yourself see because you thought they were impossible? Crazy? Impractical? Now, what would happen if you took a step toward that pattern? What would happen if you said “Yes” to whatever keeps tugging at you? Or what if you actually COULD do what you love and be successful with it? Tap into your intuition and let yourself FEEL what’s there.

This isn’t purely for self-interest, although enjoying your work is nice. Knowing your value, what you contribute, and how that fits in with your organization helps teams function more effectively, encourages collaboration and creativity, and boosts productivity.

Click on the image below to see the larger version.

We each have gifts to share with the world. It’s only by letting ourselves be open to giving them can we truly feel fulfilled and make a rockin’ contribution to the world.

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Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.

Cheers, Karina

Need someone to help you recognize the patterns in your life, then teach you to draw them out? ConverSketch now proudly offers Creative Visual Coaching to help you get your thoughts on paper, and equip you with skills to take action in the future.

Where in the World is ConverSketch?

Researchers at Colorado State University have partnered with Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins to reintroduce genetically pure and disease-free bison to Soapstone Prairie and Red Mountain Open Space in Colorado. This is the story of how the collaboration came to be and what made it a success.

When Can Being Intoxicated Be A Good Thing?

ConverSketch is intoxicated this week. No, last night wasn’t crazy, and , despite working from home, I haven’t started drinking early in the day (that's a joke, people!). I’m talking about a different kind of intoxication, and one that is a lot more productive.

This little post for you is inspired by the following piece by Hugh McLeod of GapingVoid Art.

As Hugh so eloquently puts it: You can be intoxicated by a lot of things. We like possibility.

This concept is nothing new, it’s the foundation of so many successful businesses. But somehow, this unorthodox way of stating a concept that these days often feels brittle and overused keeps me coming back to it. Thinking of possibility as intoxicating, as full of energy, new ideas and connections instead of overwhelming, unclear or unknown. And if you tend to get anxious and overwhelmed, you might enjoy this post on how drawing can help you move through overwhelm.

It's a craft to learn to tap into what you feel the moment you realize there’s a lot more to something than you originally thought. Which electrifies you. Suddenly hours have gone by, and there’s still more energy bubbling up from inside you.

There's a few things that have me intoxicated this week...
- Putting together and beta testing a new offering from ConverSketch to utilize my strengths connecting with and encouraging individuals to cultivate Aha Moments with folks one-on-one.
- Delivering prints of my watercolor paintings to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and Wolverine Farm Publick House to sell. (Note: The positive feedback I’ve gotten from you all with my painting really blows my mind. Thank you for giving me a resounding high five to continue pursuing and refining my fine art skills!)
- Seeing little vegetable sprouts emerging from tiny little seeds (how miraculous is that!?)

Click on the image below to see the larger version.

What possibilities are intoxicating you right now? Take a moment over a glass of wine or beer and doodle out some possibilities that are as enticing as a nice cool beverage on a warm summer evening.

What might be keeping you from taking a nice, big swig from that cup o’ possibility? What steps can you take THIS WEEK to move toward making it a reality?

Comment below so others can benefit from your wisdom. 

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Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.

Cheers, Karina

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Where in the World is ConverSketch?

Here's a snapshot from a graphic recording at a workshop with CSU's One Health Institute as the team worked with the talented folks at New City to develop a rockin' communication strategy moving forward. People, Animals, Planet. Heck yeah. 

How does a creative entrepreneur who enjoys predictability relax?

One of my favorite ways to wake up in the morning is the sound of birds singing.

Especially the sweet, gentle sounds that pull me gently from my slumber, but even the more, shall we say, insistent ones right outside my window are welcome to my ears. 


Birds are a reminder for me of the importance of trust.

They trust that when they take their first flutters from the nest, they will be able to take flight. They trust that the sun will rise and they will sing their songs. They soar through windy skies, zip between tangled branches, or over steep ledges, because they trust what they are meant to be doing.

Wanting to have a pretty solid idea of what is likely to happen in the future is human nature. Some of us are more uncomfortable with not knowing than others, and of course practice makes progress.

I am one of those humans who generally enjoys some level of predictability. 

If there's one thing you can do in life to eliminate said predictability, I'm pretty sure that's to be a self-employed consultant. Add into that the fact that for many of my graphic recording jobs, I am not really sure what's going to happen during the session, but I will be expected to hand over a beautifully finished chart by the end of it. Uncertainty much?  And I must really enjoy this lack of control thing as I've recently delved a lot deeper into painting with watercolors (check the end of this email for more deets). Which tend to do what they want. 

Cue increased heart rate and impulse to reach for a glass of wine. 

Instead of letting my mind worry (a misuse of imagination, according to Dan Zadra), I take a few deep breaths and focus on trusting that everything is working out exactly as it's meant to.

And the birds can help us humans out too. Listening for as many different bird songs as I can is a fun practice that helps me get present and relax.

Then it's time to take action! Because as much as I trust that everything is unfolding divinely, you gotta do the work too.

Click on the image below to see the larger version on the blog.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share that help you focus on trust? Share in the comments below so others can benefit from your wisdom. 

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Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.

Cheers, Karina

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Where in the World is ConverSketch?

This month I've been working on my watercolor painting skills, leading to the creation of several Colorado wildlife paintings including this little flammulated owl.  If you'd like to see more paintings and work in progress shots, give me a follow on Instagram. If you like what you see and you're interested in purchasing fine art prints or greeting cards, let's chat!

4 Wisdom Nuggets from A Creative Entrepreneur Celebrating 4 Years in Business

ConverSketch’s 4th birthday means a present for you my Readers!

This week it is my pleasure to share a moment of gratitude that ConverSketch has been alive and growing for four years. I couldn’t be more delighted or appreciative for the support from you: my friends and clients who are the reason I get up and pour my heart into the work I do every day.

Encouraging more effective and collaborative communication, sharing creative inspiration, and seeing you and your teams work through and move beyond challenges are what keep me going every single day.

So to thank you for being clients, collaborators and partners in disrupting the status quo of workshops and conferences, I’d like to share with you 4 insights and related tools that have helped me grow a successful business. I hope these reflections and tools can help you continue to convene meaningful groups, think critically and creatively, and every single day ripple your amazing ideas and actions outward to change the world.

1. Know Your Why and Practice It

Okay, getting meta here. There have been many blogs, books, and videos on this idea made popular by Simon Sinek’s TED talk that people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you’re doing it.

What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? Think deep here, not “My cat that wants to get fed and jumps on my head” but what about your work really resonates with you? Is it seeing people’s faces light up when they try your new recipe? Is it helping someone navigate a website to find an answer? Is it having a spontaneous, meaningful conversation with a co-worker by the coffee-maker? Figure out you WHY and make sure it permeates what you do.

Graphic Facilitator’s Expert Tip: Now backing down to a super simple yet effective concept that can make or break a meeting whether it’s 15 minutes or 3 days: Have a clear goal or purpose for the meeting and make sure everyone who’s attending knows too. Otherwise, you’re more likely to go in circles and nobody will know why you’ve met or when you’ve finished. 

2. Listen Real Good

This is what I do for a living. I listen. And then I write and draw like lightening to capture those key ideas visually. In such a fast-paced world, it is important to pause and listen deeply and presently to those you’re working with to really make the most of your time and energy together. More on this coming in the next newsletter…stay tuned.
Graphic Facilitator’s Tip: When having a conversation, when the other person finishes a thought instead of jumping right in, wait three seconds to see if there’s something else they want to share. This way, you’re truly listening instead of waiting for your turn to speak, which can allow for deeper and more meaningful conversations. Cred goes to Marie Forleo for this one.
Bonus: This works well with loved ones too!

3. Manage That Time

It’s what you have, so make it count. Work hard, and also take breaks mentally and physically. In a culture that stresses…well, stress. I hereby formally give you permission to take time for yourself and to disconnect. It’s how I find inspiration as someone who’s expected to be creative always.
Graphic Facilitator’s Tip: If you want to geek out with me on this, I recently published a post on how I’ve been more productive day-to-day, and my top tip remains to start your day with something other than the computer. Whether that’s taking a few minutes to sketch the view from your window or writing stream-of-consciousness, I’ve found beginning my day with a pencil and paper leads to a more productive day.
BONUS Graphic Facilitator’s Tip: To make the most of your time and that of the group you’re working with, write down goals where everyone can see them. If you’re working through a challenging process, draw it out or make a mind map

4. LOVE Thyself and Thy People! 

Yes, I couldn’t help it. Valentine’s Day is coming and although I generally dislike the focus on mindlessly buying jewelry, flowers and chocolate (okay, the chocolate is pretty alright), I DO love taking the time to show and share my love. Any day of the year. Come on over if you need a hug.

Expressing love has been both a phenomenal area of growth and a strength for me as I’ve launched ConverSketch.
I’m good at letting people know I appreciate them. I’m great at being supportive and kind to groups I work with. I love the work I get to do every day.

But you know who I’ve had to practice loving through this business ride?
Yup, one of my biggest challenges has been loving myself as a business person. What I mean is that as I’ve been learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, being a self-directed professional, and working with many clients all over the world, I have developed a better sense of the immense and long-term value that my services provide my clients. Owning that value and learning to articulate it clearly to those I’m serving has been a continuous learning loop, one that I expect to iterate and improve forever…because these things don’t reach a definitive point of perfection.

And that’s one thing I LOVE about my job: I always get to keep learning.
It’s also incredibly important to take time to acknowledge the people you work with and the Heart and Brain Power they’re putting into what they’re doing. It takes a very small amount of effort to say a quick thank you, send a note or take a moment to express gratitude at a weekly meeting.

And it can have massive, positive repercussions.
Graphic Facilitator’s Tip: Smile a lot. It A) gives someone a boost and B) makes people wonder what you’re up to.

(Hint: click on the image below to see the larger version)

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So thank you once again for being a part of the ConverSketch community. Here’s to four more years of creativity, critical thinking, good humor, innovation, vision and action. 
Cheers, Karina

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Where in the World is ConverSketch?

At the end of January CSU hosted a grand meeting of leaders and minds across all of the Colleges and engaged community members to discuss the One Health Initiative. The energy was almost tangible as ideas whizzed around focusing on how human, animal and environmental health are related. Although I'm proud of my charts, I'm even more proud of the enthusiasm and critical mapping each of the nine groups showed during the workshop.

What Can Jack-O-Lanterns Teach Us About Business?

Happy Wednesday!

Carved pumpkins are emerging and I've appreciated several characteristics they share with a genuine and successful business and life. 

Each jack-o-lantern is unique, unapologetic about imperfections (really, they totally own them) and they proudly shine their unique lights out for the world. If it's blowing rain sideways or still and quiet night, jack-o-lanterns shine on. 

My most meaningful days, whether they are focused on running my business as a graphic facilitator or living life, are when I'm tuned into what makes me unique and I share that with those around me. So today I encourage you to be generous with your Light, shine it brightly and joyously, even if the wind picks up or snow starts to fall. Because you're the only one who can shine your Light the way you do. 

Here’s this week's drawing tip:

Love the imperfections. If you're drawing and a line isn't as straight or round as you'd like, embrace it anyway. See how that "imperfection" actually makes your drawing even more interesting or calls attention to your unique style. Be like that Jack-O-Lantern and just "glow" with the flow!

As a graphic recorder sometimes things go, shall I say, different than I had hoped or expected, so I try to look at it from a new perspective and make it part of that unique graphic facilitation!
(Hint: click on the image below to see the larger version)

Comment and upload your Sketch below to share your unique style and inspire someone else!  And of course, any questions, epiphanies, and requests for future ConverSKETCHes!

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Thanks for reading and doodling this week. Keep drawing, and shining your authentic Light out to the world!

Cheers, Karina

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Where In The World Is ConverSketch?

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a gem in our town, and I'm stoked to have filmed a new explainer video for their Annual Report this year! Here's a teaser -- look for the finished short in early November!

Complexity - 3 Reasons to Draw it Out

Hey folks!

Lately I've been working as a graphic recording artist with clients with complex ideas -- things like greenhouse gas accounting, a Bitcoin start-up, and a Colorado medical care group trying to increase efficiency and communication across regions.

So today I wanted to share some reasons why getting visual can help you move forward on that dauntingly complex project, idea or conversation. I've also put together a sketch to help you start by yourself, or you may want to map things out with the help of a graphic recording artist.

1. Feel less overwhelmed. If you've got a start up, or a strategic plan process to put together and facilitate, or a group of movers and shakers in the room to work on a challenge, it can feel overwhelming to see the big picture. Start getting all those ideas, questions, connections and resources down on paper (or whiteboard). You'll be amazed to see where you have the most energy, where to focus resources more effectively, and how next steps appear when you start to organize your ideas visually.

2. Simplify your message. Getting all the moving parts drawn and written out shows you your strong points and can illuminate what I like to call your Soul Purpose -- the core reasons for what you're working on. From there it's easier to refine your story and get it to your audience.

3. Get on the same page. Often when a bunch of smart people are in the room, the conversations are lightening quick and full of energy. Mapping out the key ideas of the conversation makes sure that each person in the group is using the same language and any underlying assumptions are more easily clarified for a more productive meeting and shared understanding.

Now, here’s this week's drawing tip:

If you're not sure how to get started, try a mind map. Start by writing the main idea or topic in the middle of a page or board, draw a circle or rectangle around it, then write related or supporting ideas around it using lines and circles to connect them. Using different colors and connecting lines can help you keep track of themes and relationships too. For example, red might mean lots of energy or a challenge, and blue might mean a positive connection.

Wondering how to give those little people a curious, determined look? Find out how to add emotions to your drawings and why that helps your memory of the conversation!
Ready to give it a go?           (Hint: click on the image below to make it larger)

Now I want to hear from you!

Have you ever used a drawing to map out a complex idea, by yourself or with a group? What helped you get started, even if you were feeling overwhelmed? 

You can upload your Sketch in the comments section below to share your unique style and inspire the community! And of course, any questions, epiphanies, and requests for future ConverSKETCHes!

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Thanks for reading! Keep drawing YOUR inspiration, whatever that looks like for you to make your unique, positive difference in the world!

Cheers, Karina

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Things are getting high-tech around ConverSketch headquarters! Something new will be coming to the ConverSKETCH emails...can you guess what it is? No, it's not a mountain bike tuning tutorial...even though that is a bike stand...Stay tuned for more!

Things are getting high-tech around ConverSketch headquarters! Something new will be coming to the ConverSKETCH emails...can you guess what it is? No, it's not a mountain bike tuning tutorial...even though that is a bike stand...Stay tuned for more!

Drawing Business Buzzwords #2 - Collaboration


Summer is in full swing here in Colorado and for us that means fresh garden greens, getting to do visual recorder work outside, and river time. Last week we took a rafting trip in Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America. 

There's a phrase I love to use while rafting that applies to this week's Business Buzzword Sketch (and no, it's not "Oh sh*t, hold on!"). On river trips and in organizations, success depends not just on the actions of the Trip Leader or the CEO.

If only one person is responsible for making sure every meal is cooked, or all the water is filtered, or that you're communicating effectively internally as an organization, that's a recipe for disaster. But if everyone chips in and unique skill sets are utilized, well, that's when I love to use the phrase Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Cheesy? Yes. But totally true, and rhymes, like doodles, tend to stick. 

It's how the group works together that makes or breaks businesses, diverse research groups, and river trips alike . 

So this week's Business Buzzword doodle is all about Collaboration.

Ready to give it a go?

Now I want to hear from you!

Come on over to the blog and upload your drawing in the comments section to share your unique style and inspire the community!

Is there a time when competition or working solo just didn't work? How did Collaborating help you out? 

What variations did you come up with? How are you using this Sketch? And of course, any questions, epiphanies, and requests for future ConverSKETCHes!

Where in the World is ConverSketch?

That's me in the green helmet rowing through a Class IV rapid in Hells Canyon! Collaboration is in play here as well -- without my good friend Zach up front to keep weight balanced on the boat, I might not have been able to punch through that big ol' wave. Thanks Zach! 

Photo credit: Jordana Barrack

Did you like this drawing tidbit? 

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Thanks for reading! Keep drawing, and do the best you can to make your unique, positive difference in this world!

Cheers, Karina



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