Hello, I'm Karina! 

I'm a Graphic REcorder & Facilitator: a thought partner that specializes in helping your group understand each other & tell your story through live illustrations, process design, & illustrated videos.

Why do meetings end up as a pile of notes we never look at and rarely act on?

Find out how authentic listening and content-rich colorful drawings of your team's ideas can make your events and meetings more effective, memorable, and action-inspiring. 

Are you having trouble explaining your idea or product?

I work closely with you to create a high-quality, custom, hand-drawn, explainer video that will woo your audience and connect you directly with their hearts and minds so they'll remember you and your service. 

You've done the strategic plan...but how to use it rather than lose it as time goes by?

 Enter strategic illustrations: providing a succinct and beautiful way to show your organization's diverse landscape and quickly communicate what matters most. 

How can your Meetings be more creative, filled with energy, and result in action?

Deftly using custom, hand-drawn visuals to augment a meeting while guiding the process, my facilitation style balances visual and verbal synthesis to elevate and support your group through complex conversations. 

Karina:  I thank you for your contributions to our conference.  I was impressed by your indefatigable capacity to follow often dry technical information and translate it into graphics that also captured the zeitgeist of the session. You have rare gifts.
— Robert Sinsabaugh, University of New Mexico