The Zen of Spring

The Zen of Spring…does this sound a little contradictory? Spring is all about growth, new life, “springing ahead”, right? Yes, absolutely! By the way, Daylight Savings is this weekend…

And for me, it’s also about this itty bitty word that starts with a “p”…Patience. It’s about this time I start to get the itch for spring, despite Colorado’s habit of dropping snowstorms like it’s her job. I love snow, but when we have weeks where it’s warm and sunny, and the daffodils start poking out, I start daydreaming about backyard cook outs, garden treats, and river trips.

With all these summery visions dancing around, it can be easy to be distracted or feel the grass is always greener in the spring…which it is I suppose…but the point is that each moment is what we make of it. So we can choose to delight in the unpredictable, and find joy in the little signs of what we’re hoping will come, and the zen of patience.

Somehow that makes all the difference. 

Do you have any tips or tricks to share that help you get zenned out and radiate patience? Please share in the comments below so others can benefit from your wisdom. 

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Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.

Cheers, Karina

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CU Boulder hosted a spring Diversity Summit in February. There were some difficult and honest conversations about diversity and inclusion on campus. Here is a graphic recording of  results from a survey and ensuing discussion.