Hey! It's Time to Recognize!

Sometimes the world takes you by surprise.

Sometimes you think doing something you enjoy is just a hobby, and you like what you’re doing. But surely no one else would pay for it. (More on this little mind quirk coming in June).

There are moments in life when, if we are paying attention, we take a step back and recognize a pattern that keeps emerging. These patterns can be obvious or subtle. Either way, they can be difficult to recognize unless we are open to seeing them.

Heady, Karina. Give me something concrete here. Okay....

I have always loved art, and in fact picked up my first watercolor brush for a botanical study when I was about 7. Art classes were my favorite in school, and I even pursued an art major at CSU for a few semesters before dropping it for environmental communication.

You might be thinking, Right, but you’re an artist.

Too right! But until very recently -- we’re talking 2015 here -- I had this bizarre aversion to considering myself an artist.


I didn’t want to be a “starving artist” or to get stressed out about something I enjoyed doing if it was my career. And deep down, I didn’t think I could really be talented enough to sell my work as Fine Art. Sure, I had a knack for graphic recording, but that wasn’t Art, it was real-time-visual-distillation-and-synthesis-with-doodles that became my full-time job. Sure, people enjoyed little cards I made them and kept them on their fridges for a while (looking at you, Mike & Shayna). But that was just fun, something I did to keep myself on my toes and show my friends and family I care about them.

I am making a living creating graphic recording charts, which is still amazing to me, and when I shared a few little watercolor paintings I was playing with online, the resounding enthusiasm from viewers (like you) blew me away. To most people, this would be considered being an artist.

And now, finally after many months, years even, I’m opening up and allowing myself to think of me as an Artist. It’s been hugely fun, satisfying and I get to share my light, what I love doing, with others.

Cool, Karina. But what am I supposed to do here? Aren’t you just lucky you get to frolic with a kitten and do art?

There’s an element of luck here, for sure. Being born into a society where I can expect a solid education, and where I have rights and opportunities is really lucky. I also work hard. And I know what I’m doing is making a positive difference in peoples’ lives around me, which motivates that hard work.

So, what can YOU do? Probably a whole heck of a lot of things, and I’d most likely benefit from learning from you. But what I can offer at this wee point in time is this wee thought:

Take a moment to step back. Are there patterns you haven’t let yourself see because you thought they were impossible? Crazy? Impractical? Now, what would happen if you took a step toward that pattern? What would happen if you said “Yes” to whatever keeps tugging at you? Or what if you actually COULD do what you love and be successful with it? Tap into your intuition and let yourself FEEL what’s there.

This isn’t purely for self-interest, although enjoying your work is nice. Knowing your value, what you contribute, and how that fits in with your organization helps teams function more effectively, encourages collaboration and creativity, and boosts productivity.

Click on the image below to see the larger version.

We each have gifts to share with the world. It’s only by letting ourselves be open to giving them can we truly feel fulfilled and make a rockin’ contribution to the world.

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Once again, thank you from my heart and soul for your support, great senses of humor, brilliant minds, collaboration and what you're each doing to make the world a better place.

Cheers, Karina

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