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The Attitude of Gratitude

Good morning!

It's almost Thanksgiving, a time in the US where family, friends, and sharing time together are front-of-mind for many people. We appreciate what we have around us and take a moment to fill our hearts with gratitude (and our bellies with home-cooked meals).

I have a lot to be thankful for. And it's no secret, but I've found this to be true on so many occasions I cannot toss it up to chance: The more I appreciate the things around me, even the tiny things like finding a penny on the street, the more I find to appreciate, the more good things seem to come my way. (Side note: every time I see a coin on the street I pick it up and give a little thanks for the abundance in my life.)

So this week I encourage you to take a moment to be grateful for something, even small things, throughout your day. Find a trigger and think of something that makes you feel appreciation -- maybe it's when you look at your phone, or get up to get a drink of water. Just take a quick moment to give thanks for something or someone in your life. Heck, if you notice it makes you feel good or you're attracting more people or things you enjoy, keep it up through the new year and beyond!

This week I'm sharing some tips as a visual facilitator on drawing a little turkey, starting with some simple shapes. Add as much detail as you like! And if all else fails, you can be grateful you're not a turkey.

(Hint: click on the image below to see the larger version on the blog)

Now I want to hear from you!

Have you noticed a shift in energy if you have an attitude of gratitude? Do you have any tips on shifting from a funk to focusing on appreciation?

Upload your Sketch in the comments section below to share your unique style and inspire the community! And of course, any questions, epiphanies, and requests for future ConverSKETCHes!

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Thanks for tuning in! Keep drawing and making your beautiful, authentic mark on this world!

Cheers, Karina

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