Three Ways I Use Patterns in My Life and My Business

Good morning! 

First things first, my newest explainer video for the Master of Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting Program at Colorado State University is out! Think that's a mouthful and not sure what it means? Give me three minutes and I'll show you in the whiteboard video itself!

I have been thinking about patterns lately -- from seasonal changes to examining my thoughts more closely to attempting to learn from the freaking amazing art created by Jeremy Collins.

These things all embody the strength of patterns, so this week I want to share how noticing and utilizing patterns can impact your life and business too.

1. Patterns in my business help me understand what's working and what's not. Businesses of any size test different ideas, experiment with communication strategies and services -- that's what innovation in business is all about. But experimenting without noticing or monitoring the results can lead to confusion or a waste of energy or resources. TOOLS?

2. Patterns in my life show me what I'm focusing on. I've found when something keeps coming up in my life, whether I am enjoying it or not, it is a reflection of where I am putting my mental energy. I like taking a few minutes to journal, sketch out things that keep coming up, or just breathe to recognize them and either keep doing what I'm doing, or re-direct my energy and thoughts toward something more positive.

3. Patterns in my drawings make them look more interesting and fun. Even very simple lines or dots can spice things up, add depth, or draw the eye to an important idea or image without filling the entire page with ink. The wonderful Kelvy Bird is a graphic recorder I admire for many reasons, one small one being her beautiful use of patterns, and one of the students in a class I worked with at CSU this week blew me away with her beautiful patterns in a tree trunk!

Now this week's drawing tip:

See how you can use patterns to make images or ideas stand out! I like using uneven spheres and swirling lines, or repeating a shape with a slight difference each time to show movement.

When I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate patterns, the natural world never disappoints. Here's another post where you can read about how looking to nature has fueled my drawing inspiration.

Hint: click on the image below to see the larger version

Have you ever noticed a pattern in your life and been able to change it or support it for success? What was your first step? Have you been doodling and want to share? Have a request for a ConverSketch to help you explain or process an idea? 

Upload your Sketch or story in the comments section below to share your unique style and inspire the community! 

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Thanks for tuning in! Keep doodling and making your authentic mark on this world!

Cheers, Karina

Is your team having trouble seeing the larger patterns in your business or organization? Call me to talk about how graphic recording can help your group see their patterns, systems and create a plan of action to make change!

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