ConverSKETCH 3 Fast, Easy People


Are you ready to unleash your inner artiste? It amazes me over and over how a simple drawing can help solve complex problems, or illuminate new approaches to doing something, or show how ideas might be more connected than we thought.

I'll be posting a new drawing tip every two weeks with the intention of sharing fun, easy ways to include drawings in your meetings, notes, classes or research to inspire a new idea, encourage collaboration, and help you remember things a little better.

And if you're interested in going beyond these drawing tips in your inbox, I love working with small groups or individuals to do graphic recording training. Shoot me an email if you're interested in learning more!

Here’s your first drawing tip:

Try adding simple people to your notes. As humans, we tend to be interested in what people, even hand-drawn stick people, are doing. Draw these little peeps next to notes to remind you of something that was exciting, an action item, or someone you need to follow up with.

Ready to give it a go?


Now I want to hear from you!

Upload your drawing in the comments section below to share your unique style and inspire the community!

What variations did you come up with? Did you add any emotions or flair to you people? How are you using this Sketch? And of course, any requests for future ConverSKETCHes!

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Cheers, Karina