One-of-a-Kind live graphic recordings and Custom hand-drawn animation videos for lasting engagement and action from your audience or employees. 

Graphic Recording

Are you convening a meeting or conference and want it to be engaging, productive, and transformative?

Graphic recording is a process that helps information stick in the brains of your employees, creates a platform for clear and mutual understanding of complex ideas, encourages creative collaboration and systems thinking, and  motivates participants to carry the energy and motivation beyond the event to spur true and lasting change in your organization.

Hand Drawn Explainer Videos

Do you want to share your story with hand crafted visuals?

I work closely with you to create a custom, hand-drawn, explainer video that will woo your audience and show your customers what you do and how you can help them. Beyond the whiteboard, these videos are created specifically for your company, brand and the message you want to share. I work with you throughout the process from script to storyboard to final illustrations, partnering with a videographer of your choice or producing everything in-house.


Strategic Illustration

How can you share core elements of your organization with a large audience so it will be memorable?

Your organization has values and goals that are integral to successful culture and action, but only if employees know and live them. Enter strategic illustrations: providing a succinct way to show your organization's diverse landscape. These one-of-a-kind, custom studio illustrations are filled with beautiful and creative imagery to effectively and quickly communicate what matters most.

Graphic Facilitation

What if we need someone to help us put together an effective meeting too?

Deftly using graphic recording to augment a meeting while guiding the process, graphic facilitation balances visual and verbal synthesis and summary to elevate and support your group. Working with you throughout the entire planning, execution and post-meeting process, I help you put together retreats and meetings that will make the most of the time and energy of the people you bring together to share ideas, solve problems, innovate.

Draw in your audience as they see ideas creatively illustrated in real time -- live at your event or as a video for your audience.

Imagine after your engaging, transformative meeting, that feeling, energy and motivation is shared and maintained among your employees long after the event. Everywhere you look, people are referring back to key ideas that were discussed and visually captured during the event to collaborate on solutions, and move your organization forward,

Graphic recording provides a unique way to crystallize and give life to the investment you've made bringing the right people together by ensuring the insights and discussions won't get lost in pages of linear notes. Use the images created during the event to continue to share the story, energy and leadership cultivated during your event.

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