Draw in your audience as they see ideas creatively illustrated in real time -- live at your event or as a video for your audience.

Imagine after an engaging, transformative meeting, that feeling, energy and motivation is shared and maintained among the organization long after the event. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

Using graphic recording and creative visual communication can help people feel more connected with your event. Used internally, graphic recording helps people feel a deeper sense of understanding where they fit in the organization.

Graphic recording provides a unique way to crystallize and give life to the investment you've made bringing the right people together by ensuring the insights and discussions won't get lost in pages of linear notes. Use the images created during the event to continue to share the story, energy and move in the right direction.

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Graphic Recording

Live visual capture

While people are talking, I listen keenly and capture the key ideas using hand-drawn images and text. These recordings show systems, facilitate divergent and creative thinking, engage audiences and add a fun, visual element to your event.

Animated Videos

complex ideas simplified

I take your ideas and work closely with you to create a hand-drawn, whiteboard style video that quickly share your story in a fun way that will stick in the minds of your audience.


Strategic Illustration

your message in a single image

Whether it's organizational values and goals, or illustrating a diverse landscape with many perspectives, studio illustrations are filled with beautiful and creative imagery to communicate what matters most.

Graphic Facilitation

Guiding and illustrating

Deftly using graphic recording to augment a meeting while guiding the process, graphic facilitation balances visual and verbal synthesis and summary to elevate and support your group.

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