Live, hand-drawn images and text to distill key ideas from conversations

The essence of graphic recording is simple, especially when your ideas are complex. Through keen listening, I capture and synthesize your ideas using hand drawn images and words, large-scale, in real time. This visual map of the conversation is bursting with information which can easily be seen, remembered and shared by the group during and after the event. Side effects may include innovative thinking, trust, long-term commitment, action, laughter, positive energy and a deep sense of satisfaction after a day of rewarding work.

Where It's Seen:

- Leadership Retreats 

- Conferences

- Presentations and Panel Discussions

- Strategic Planning

- Brainstorming

- Coaching

Young women from Australia shared what climate change means to them | 2014

Earth System Governance conference in Tokyo, Japan | 2013

Summary of presentations and discussion facilitated by the CSU Center for Public Deliberation |  2017