It all begins with you. 

Creative Visual Coaching is a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves you full of energy, a vision, and the tools to get you there. 

Whether you're  contemplating a new direction or simply want to juice up your creativity and visual communication skills, your Creative Visual Coaching sessions are designed specifically for you. 

I work with you to create a personal process to get all the thoughts swirling around in your mind on paper, clarified and organized so you can see where you're energized, what to let go of, and where to focus to move toward your goals. 

Creative Visual Coaching is not limited to me drawing out your ideas; instead, I focus on teaching YOU the skills you need to continue drawing out complex ideas or sketching to communicate clearly with your team. 

Bonus: Sessions include healthy snacks, a beautiful and inspiring location, and witty conversation.

Karina is so thoughtful in her approach and considerate of your needs. She thinks of every little detail about your experience and strives to make sure you are comfortable and that you have what you need to succeed. As a result, you suddenly find yourself walking outside your comfort zone and you didn’t even realize you were crossing the threshold!
— Ariana Friedlander, Rosabella Consulting

Where It's Useful:

- Career changes

- Professional development

- Leadership coaching

- Entrepreneurs

- Anyone looking to improve their visual vocabulary